meet the team


I own and operate Ruthie and Oliver Letterpress & Design Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee. I’m also a full time stay-at-home mom to my son, Oliver.

I’ve always had a passion for paper ever since I can remember, and I used to create handmade invitations for friends. In 2016, my husband, Jeremy and I purchased a letterpress without any prior knowledge of how to use it. Everything we know is completely self-taught through lots of trial and error.

I absolutely love beautiful paper, and using lots of bold colors; especially with envelope colors. I want your goods to standout in the mailbox! Every piece I press, I literally am in awe of admiration of letterpress. I love working with my hands, and creating actual art for someone. Events in your life should be celebrated, and I believe the invitations set the tone!


Other than loving really great paper products; here are some other interesting facts about me: My husband and I eloped in Salida, Colorado. We recently purchased a condo there, and plan on spending a weekend in the mountains every month. I LOVE hosting/styling parties, my husband’s family spaghetti recipe (and ALL spaghetti), collecting stamps in my National Parks Passport Books, taking pictures of mini Post Offices all over the country & collecting postage stamps. I’ve also recently started a small collection of vintage glass perfume bottles (thanks to my mom); I love to read nonfiction books & collect vintage turquoise jewelry on trips to Santa Fe. As a family we love to hike, and have logged many miles on the AT & Colorado Trail. I’ve caught several trout on my fly rod & I love driving across the country. Most of all, I love being a mom to Ollie.



I’m two.

I’m the quality control manager for Ruthie & Oliver Letterpress. Jk! I sure do love all my mama’s attention, but when I’m napping or at Mother’s Day Out… she’s working really hard to create pretty things!

IMGL9954 copy.jpg

I love AIRPLANES! I also enjoy “hiking and fishing” with mom and dad… riding in the jeep, eating spaghetti & watching Yogi Bear or Planes. I’m starting to talk a lot these days.. and I think mom thinks I’m pretty funny.