What is letterpress? 


Letterpress is the oldest form of printing, dating back to the late 1800s. Letterpress printing is a form of relief printing, where the text or image is on a raised surface, similar to a rubber stamp. Ink is applied to the raised surface and then paper is pressed directly against it to transfer the text/image. Printing is done by hand, one at a time.


How old is my press?


My letterpress is a Golding Pearl, circa 1909. It is a floor-standing platen press with a foot treadle. Golding Pearl presses were last manufactured in 1927.

I press using polymer plates.


What is the typical turnaround time for a custom order?


Turnaround time on custom orders is typically 2-4 weeks; AFTER design proof approval. Turnaround time can also vary greatly depending on the design of the order. Letterpress printing is a very intricate process with many steps: (Prepping digital proof to be created into a polymer plate, hand cutting paper to size, printing each color (while also mixing each color & prepping/cleaning press for each color), and quality control).


Do you collaborate with others?


I would absolutely love that! If you would like to work together, just shoot me an email.


Do you have a minimum on custom orders?


I do not have a minimum on custom print orders. Although, as quantity increases, the price per-unit decreases.


why does letterpress cost so much?


This is one of my most frequently asked questions.

Letterpress printing is expensive primarily because of time (and then of course supplies & operating costs). But mainly time. It is an entirely hands-on process requiring lots of time getting the printing right. Pricing can vary dramatically depending on quantity, printing method, design, etc.


Do you wholesale?


Absolutely! I primarily press custom orders; but I do offer a small selection of cards, prints & gift wrap that are available for wholesale. Shoot me an email if you are interested in carrying Ruthie & Oliver in your shop!


what other print methods do you offer?


In addition to letterpress, I offer hot-foiling. I also work with local Nashville print shops to offer digital printing & die-cutting services.


how did ruthie & Oliver get its name?


When my husband Jeremy and I purchased our letterpress in February of 2016, we were desperately trying to conceive children. While struggling with infertility, we decided to name our letterpress business for our “hypothetical children”. If we were to ever have a girl, we’d name her Ruth; and boy, we’d name him Oliver.

In the summer of 2017, after undergoing three IVF transfers - The Lord blessed us with our son, Oliver. Of course, we are still praying that we may have a little Ruthie one day.