Party with my Peeps


As a stay-at-home + work-from-home mom, I’m always looking for creative ways to involve Oliver in what I love: Parties + Crafts. Holidays always give me good reason to host a party, right! So I decided to host an Easter Crafts Gathering. I planned the party for after nap time; and had kid-friendly (+ allergy friendly) snacks awaiting their arrival. I hand-lettered placecards for each child; to make it more special. We enjoyed Goldfish + Cake Pops & then got to crafting! They painted real eggs (with non-toxic washable Crayola paints + stickers). Not sure these crazy tots are ready for Easter Egg Dye Kits! Ha. Crafting with toddlers can get a bit messy, so each one had a craft apron to cover their clothes! Even had a small dessert treat for the mamas (hello mid-afternoon cocktail!). The afternoon visiting with the mamas and tots was a blast! Maybe we’ll make it a tradition.


Can’t host a party without sending invitations! This design was two-color letterpress paired with a Chartreuse Envelope. Topped off with white brush lettering.


it’s all in the details…


the tots


get the look:

Kid Craft Aprons - Amazon

Carrot Cake Cops - Simplee Frosted

Half-Dozen Paper Egg Cartons - Etsy

Bunny Vases & Bowls - XO Supply Co. and Kroger (used for Paintbrush Holders + Water Rinse Cups)

Paper Mache Bunny - Target

Kid Paintbrushes - Ikea

Paper Goods - Meri Meri Party & Oh Happy Day

Adult Treats - Jackson Morgan Southern Cream + hollow Hershey chocolate Bunny

Erica Howard